Scope of Services



Risk Reduction Class- Current Georgia law requires persons convicted of the following offenses attend a DUI/Risk Reduction class as a prerequisite to license reinstatement and/or probation requirements. The DUI/Risk Reduction Course consists of two (2) components. The NEEDs Assessment (DUI Assessment) and the DUI Risk Reduction Class.(This assessment should not be confused with the Drug and Alcohol Evaluation that may be needed for probation, court or license reinstatement.)



PROBATION/COURT ORDERED ASSESSMENTS- A bio-psycho-social assessment is a tool that is used by a Licensed Clinician in assessing a broad range of behaviors and attitudes. The stability or instability of an individual’s lifestyle is assessed in areas of current and past emotional, mental, spiritual, and behavioral domains. A clinical profile is established to generate a diagnostic impression and a list of recommended services to help remediate problematic behaviors leading to arrest, family discourse, or increased risk of recidivism by the clinician. That information is transferred to the client’s probation officer and the courts to be established as “special” conditions of his/her probated sentence.


DUI CLINICAL EVALUATIONS- Georgia state law mandates that anyone receiving two DUI’s in a five year period before July 1, 2008 or one or more DUI’s in a ten year period after July 1, 2008, must present for a DUI Clinical Evaluation after completing the DUI Risk Reduction Program (DUI School). IF NEEDED, the Clinical Evaluator may refer individuals to the DUI Intervention ASAM Level I-Outpatient Treatment program upon completion of the evaluation. Referrals are made to ONLY DBHDD approved Treatment Providers for the level of care indicated as needed. This evaluation must be done by a Georgia Certified Clinical Evaluator approved by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. Our clinical staff is certified.


MENTAL HEALTH EVALUATIONS- We offer a comprehensive assessment that guides clinicians in developing a treatment plan to address deficit areas identified with biological, psychological, and sociological aspects of a client’s life. Several instruments are used to generate accurate interpretation of the client’s ability to reason, articulate thoughts/feelings, manage emotional distress and generate rationale for behaviors that may or may not be associated with mental illness or behavior disorders. Such interpretations are used to formulate a summary of the overall characteristic of the individual that may meet clinical criteria for a mental health diagnosis along with a set of recommendations for follow up care.


DOT SAP EVALUATIONS-Federal Department of Transportation regulations require that an individual who has tested positive for either alcohol/drugs must enter into a Return to Duty Process that includes having a Clinical Assessment and comply with the recommendations from an individual clinician who holds a Substance Abuse Professional credential recognized by the federal government. He or she is usually referred to us to implement the assessment and to establish protocols to be able to safely return to safety-sensitive positions, which may include AOD education classes or substance abuse treatment in an inpatient or outpatient setting and undergo ongoing drug testing for a specific amount of time beyond the usual random screening process established by the company for which he or she works.


DUI INTERVENTION PROGRAM- We offer the DUI Intervention Program for those who have been referred to ASAM Level I Treatment by a DBHDD approved Clinical Evaluator. First time offenders usually come for a minimum of 6 weeks to a maximum of 12 weeks. The Multiple Offender program usually requires a minimum of 120 days to 365 days. The Treatment Provider will determine the length of stay.


OUT OF STATE LICENSE REINSTATEMENT- Each case is treated individually. Each state has the autonomy to decide the course of action someone must take in order to regain the privilege to drive again in that state. Only Licensed Professional Counselors or Certified Addiction Counselors can complete the necessary evaluations/paperwork.


ANGER MANAGEMENT- This program is dynamic and includes lecture, video, small group work and curriculum work to help clients understand the connection between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The process is normalized and clients are treated with dignity and respect. Alternative solutions to expressing feelings are explored and action plans are developed. Usually referrals are from courts, probation, or DFCS. Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy is the model used to teach the curriculum and clients are afforded the opportunity to practice alternative scenarios throughout the day, while exploring their past influences on choices they make in the present to express themselves. Individual sessions are also offered. Register and pay on line with ease!!



8 HOURS SUBSTANCE ABUSE EDUCATION COURSE- This course is offered to clients who have been referred by the courts or by independent clinicians to remediate behaviors in regards to use of chemicals that are problematic. An examination of past and present attitudes and behaviors yields discussion of lecture topics on the issues. The client is presented with factual information, not culturally or peer influenced information to help them make an informed decision about prolonged use of chemicals. Usually, this is a course to address Underage Drinking or High Risk Drinking in cases that are NOT DUI’s and simple possession of marijuana or other drugs. Lecture, breakout groups, and videos are used to introduce clients to the process of making decisions and what influences are both overt and covert. Marketing strategies are identified to help foster more awareness of how the industry uses irrational thoughts to drive buying habits of alcohol, as well. Register and pay on line with ease!!


MINOR THEFT/OFFENSES COURSE “Changing Lanes”- This course is geared towards helping clients understand how values are established and rational reasons they may not adhere to them in regards to theft, breaking traffic laws, delinquency, etc. It assists individuals in exploring changes that may be necessary to address distorted thinking that has been conditioned by risk vs. rewards analyses. The workshop gives them an opportunity to challenge old beliefs and replace them with new, more rational beliefs to not only uphold their values, but to develop new ones. It is based on The American Community Corrections Institute’s self-improvement workshops originally intended for only shoplifters. But, it has been adapted to fit all minor offenses. Our staff is ACCI certified to implement this course. Register and pay on line with ease!!


INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING-including Anger Management aftercare- This is offered by a Licensed Professional Counselor for individuals who need counseling for emotional vulnerability or grief/loss issues that may be leading to self-medicating behaviors with alcohol/drugs or criminal behaviors associated with family violence or delinquency. This service is offered to both adults and teens.


FAMILY COUNSELING- This service is for family members who are struggling with problematic dynamics that are leading to discourse, legal/criminal problems, financial problems, spiritual problems. The service is considered when all members have a desire to improve the relationships and assist the family unit to be stronger and more productive in living out their values in such a way to find more harmony. Family members can meet together or separately, as needed. Sessions are based on individual needs of the family.



OUTPATIENT TREATMENT GROUPS-minimum one group per week- This is an Outpatient Treatment program geared towards providing structure and accountability for the client to remain abstinent from self-defeating behaviors associate with presenting problems outlined by the Treatment Plan. Group clients are asked to participate in the group discussions, curriculum work, and drug screening to ensure compliance with the program parameters that were established during their intake on an Individualized Treatment Plan. A Cognitive-Behavioral approach is used to help participants move through the Stages of Change. Weekly updates/reports are sent to probation officers, attorneys, family members, judges, etc. to ensure quality of care for each participant and to accentuate the accountability feature of the program.


ALCOHOL/DRUG SCREENING- These are In-House screens that are implemented by certified staff. The alcohol screens are swabs; readings available within 2 minutes. This test can accurately read Blood Alcohol Concentration as low as 0.02% and up to 0.30%. The drug screens are 5-10 panel urinalysis screens; results are available within 5 minutes. It is very accurate and any contested results can be submitted to a laboratory for verification.


Long Term Residential Recovery Programs-Creative Counseling Solutions, LLC has invested in creating and managing both men and women’s recovery residences that uphold the Level IIa ASAM III.3 standards to assist women in addressing the symptoms of addiction in a safe, structured environment. The website links are below:







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