DUI/Risk Reduction Course

First you will complete the state mandated computer-based assessment questionaire prior to attending the class. Next you will need to attend the 20-hour intervention course.


The 20 hours intervention course is a alcohol and drug abuse education class that is required by Georgia Law. The curriculum is Prime for Life ® from Prevention Research Institute and is the only approved curriculum allowed in the state of Georgia.


123 DUI office hours are 9-5 Monday - Friday, with after hours appointments available. Call today!

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Other Services Offered

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8 Hour Substance Abuse Education

Anger Management Course

Theft/Minor Offenses Courses

DOT SAP Evaluation

1st DUI Offense Clinical Evaluation Multiple Offenders Clinical Evaluation Drug Screenings Pre-trial/Post Adjudication Alcohol/Drug Assessments Individual Counseling Session(including Anger Management Aftercare) Family Counseling Out of State License Reinstatement (additional fees may vary with some states)

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